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Tree of Life Nazarbhattu

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The tree of life is a fundamental archetype in many of the world's mythologiesreligious, and philosophical traditions. It is closely related to the concept of the sacred tree.

The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree,  and are portrayed in various religions and philosophies as the same tree


NazarBattu Anklet is a black thread anklet worn to ward off the evil eye.

Material: 92.5 silver, Black cotton thread

Thread length: 12 inches with silver ghungroo

Size: Length adjustable for children and adults; Charm size approx 2.5 cm

Weight: 2 gm (silver charm). Since all our products are handcrafted, the exact weight may vary slightly.
Delivery: 5-7 days